Red Herring Studio is an established, full service agency and creative studio that presents turnkey marketing, advertising and communication (MAC) solutions, ranging from the research and development of strategies and campaigns - to the rollout of every element thereof.

Our x-factor lies in that one magic ingredient that is essential to mastering any skill… time. Originally founded in 1997, we’ve been honing our skills for going on a quarter of a century. As a result, we’ve gained unparalleled insights and our clients can have total confidence in the fact that we know the MAC space - inside out. As best said by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr: ‘The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.’

Our services encompass branding, activations, packaging and digital solutions, and over the years, we’ve been honoured to work with a myriad of businesses, from small start-ups, to best-of-breed international brands – in literally almost every industry.

We humbly believe that the key to our success has been one single question that we pose to all our clients - across the board, regardless of who they are; or what the project entails, whether it is a comprehensive communication strategy, a once-off campaign or just a creative element. That question is: ‘what would you like to achieve with this project?’ We then reverse engineer a custom-fit solution from that, ensuring that whatever we do – actively drives and supports their business objectives too.

Ultimately the question is: ‘are there a lot of agencies out there with MAC skills?’ Naturally, the answer to that would be: ‘absolutely!’ But how many of them have been practising it for long enough… to become masters?