Getting trade, retail or wholesale, to take note of your products and start ordering, requires an intimate understanding of what their prerequisites are. You need to know which trade shows to participate in and how to best prepare your trade material for ordering success. But once you’ve crossed this massive hurdle, it’s only half the battle won. From there, you still need to get consumers to start buying your products and you need to know exactly which channels to leverage to do so.

A daunting task? For sure, and this is exactly why top consumer brands come knocking on Red Herring Studio’s door for assistance, a privilege that has not come easy. According to experts, the number one rule in mastery is to commit to an apprenticeship, and to then undergo years of humble observation, skill acquisition and experimentation.

We can truthfully state that it took us many years of hands-on experience to become this intimately au fait with every little detail of this industry. We’ve put in our quota of blood, sweat and tears to earn our reputation. A reputation for going above and beyond to ensure the trade success of our clients - all whilst having an uncompromising approach to quality.

So irrespective of the brand activation assistance you need, whether it is a trade show or an in-store promotion, you can count on Red Herring Studio to deliver, and to deliver to an exceptional standard. Our longstanding relationships and portfolio of products successfully placed on the market is a testimony to exactly that.

The question is therefore not whether Red Herring Studio can help you; it is rather how Red Herring Studio can help you. Below is a summary of some of the ways in which we can be at your service.

Trade show management

Red Herring Studio renders a complete trade show management service, right through from identifying which trade shows your products should feature at, plus the design and production of the trade show stand shell and promotional material - to setting up and manning of the stand, coordinating of orders and capturing of leads, as well as dismantling it afterwards.

Trade presenter (product brochure)

Confusing trade presenters and product brochures is a common mistake that often leads to brands not being able to close the deal or get orders from trade. Red Herring Studio will enable you to have a trade presenter ready for your trade show that not only ticks the aesthetic and design boxes, but that is also a resource sheet that contains all the critical information that wholesalers and retailers look at - to determine whether your product is suitable to place on their shelves.

In-store tastings or promotions

Getting consumers to change brands or try something new is an art of seduction. An art that Red Herring Studio has mastered to such a degree that we are currently the only independent company that is permitted to run in-store promotions in Woolworths’ stores. We have also received an accolade from Pick n Pay Management for our high standards in conducting tasting promotions.

This means you can rest assured that right through, from the planning of the campaign, and the training that the promoters receive and the uniforms they wear - to the design and production of the promotion stand and any promotional material, Red Herring Studio will ensure that your brand is represented adequately and professionally.

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