We don’t mean this arrogantly when we say that very few agencies in our country have the understanding of packaging that Red Herring Studio does. In the words of George Leonard: ‘At the heart of it, mastery is practise. Mastery is staying on the path.’

Ever since we were founded more than two decades ago, we’ve been doing exactly that. As a result, and to date, we’ve literally helped to place thousands of products from a league of local and international consumer brands on the shelf. This includes the likes of Tabasco, Weigh Less, Dr. Oetker, Alpro and Mailles – to name but a few.

As the business landscape evolved, we’ve also advanced to keep up with our clients’ needs. So we’ve fine-tuned and expanded our offering over time, to present a truly turnkey packaging solution, whilst still being flexible enough to offer each component separately.

Today, we are able to develop a brand strategy for a product, photograph product shots, design the packaging for it, ensure that the content on the labels and packaging complies with laws and regulations - and equip you to get noticed and get orders from trade. Plus we’re able to promote your product in-store and wherever else to get you those feet– online or in print.  To provide you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our world, we list some of the niche services we offer in the packaging space:

Product trade strategies (Make this a hyperlink that opens up on the description when you click on it)

Yours may be an overseas company attempting to penetrate the South African market, or a local business who’s looking to get your product on the wholesale or retail shelves. Either way, Red Herring Studio has invaluable insights of the mechanics and dynamics of the local trade industry, as well as established relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that you have the best possible plan of attack.    

Packaging design (Make this a hyperlink that opens up on the description when you click on it)

Designing for packaging purposes is a niche skill that reaches way beyond graphic design only. Underpinned by years of experience, Red Herring Studio takes a holistic approach to packaging design that takes form, function and economy into consideration. The design must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also be practical and adaptable to a range of different mediums – all while conforming to the relevant packaging regulations. In addition, it must effectively appeal to target audiences, plus it must be as cost-effective as possible.  A mouthful, we know, which is why there are so few companies who can do it.

Compliance audits (Make this a hyperlink that opens up on the description when you click on it)

Considering the vast number of products we’ve had the privilege of placing on the shelves, Red Herring Studio has gained unparalleled knowledge of the packaging legal landscape. As such, we are able to interpret the laws and regulations that apply to your products, identify the shortfalls and make recommendations of what you need to rectify on your labelling and packaging - to comply.

In fact, so confident are we in our ability to navigate you through the legal maze and steer you in the right direction, that we give all our clients a 100% guarantee. The guarantee stipulates that should the packaging have to be reprinted due to non-compliance, we will cover the costs of that.  Bold we know, but it is proof of the fact that we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are.

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